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Astrology is a science of cosmic forces which includes within the scope of study not only the known influences of the physical nature but transcends the physical and workout the interaction of non physical forces. In astrological charts, apparently the astronomical position of seven planets and two nodes of the moon are given in the Hindu system of prediction. By this representation itself, several other relationships are described.

The signs of the zodiac and the relationships of different planets with these signs.

The signs of the zodiac and the important force centers in the firmament such as nadir, zenith, rising eastern horizon and setting western horizon.

The various nakshatras and the planets.

The three basic gunas such as rajas, sattwa and tamas as related to the planets and the cardinal points of the sky.

Siva-Sakti tattwa of creative principle- usually these are known as positive and negative force centers generating centripetal and centrifugal forces which arouse different kinds of forces – Centers important for the receptivity of forces from other force centers present.

The relationship of these force centers in relation to the cosmic man or the Kala purusha.

They also establish a sort of relationship with force centers established on the earth itself.

The state of different sheaths of the individual.

The condition of various urges latent and expressed in the sheaths.

The nature of final goal destination for the individual.

These are some of the interrelationship which sustains the mere drawing of the chart. It must be noted that the future of an individual or a nation is embedded in the womb of time and therefore Astrology is essentially a technique for the understanding of time.

Every planet has a positive and negative aspect. Planets are more or less like human beings. The planets which rose Napoleon to dizzy fame were ultimately the ones which paved the way for his destruction. The negative aspects of planets manifest as blocks and hindrances which hinder our fortune. Planets in the solar system are like an accurate clock in the sky. Their revolutions and movements are very precise. Planets rise and set at definite times. Effects of certain planetary positions are plainly visible such as day and night, change of seasons and tidal effect. It surely has influence on everyday life of all of us. The energetic rays of the planets are reflectors or transmitters of light energy. These solar and planetary radio like waves, sent out at various angles, were seen to bear influence on everything, animate and inanimate, affecting humans on both biological and psychological.

If the ancient Rishis can exactly determine the longitudes of the planets, constellations, signs, shape of the earth with their divya drishti (Divine power) without having telescopes or any equipments, why they cannot interpret the nature of impending events that can happen to human life ?. They have taken celestial objects for this interpretation of human life because which are always changing, position of planets and other objects changing seconds to seconds. Planets at birth for a particular person will not be the same for other person.

 The ancient Knowledge has been passed from centuries and based on these knowledge HORA astrology by Sri Sreedhar has been sharing this information by giving astrological predictions to the public.

Astrological remedies.

HORA research team with the help of scientific gadgets has been doing extensive research on human Biomagnetic field and its relation with mantras, gemstones, homa pujas, yantras etc. Research observations were done on people by measuring their aura level before and after chanting various mantras, wearing various gemstones, yantras. Based on the research findings HORA has developed various remedial measures using modern electronic gadgets innovated by Sri Sreedhar incorporated with ancient remedies to reduce malefic effects of the planets and overcome the hindrances.

Kirlion photography on Hora Yantra. The Yantra was placed on front of the person for 10 minutes.
Mooladhara and Heart chakra got balanced